Language Goals for March 2017

February Progress

Spanish (for me)

  • I finally finished watching the Celia Cruz series!
  • I hosted a Spanish meetup

Spanish (for the little person)

  • My son read the book Los Tres Cerditos (Three Little Pigs) on his own!  🙂 #proudmommymoment


February Goal: Have a 10-minute conversation with a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil ✓ Completed!


  • Reviewed a few episodes of the Tá Falado! podcast again
  • Reviewed episodes of the Portuguese Pod 101 on the plane en route to Rio de Janeiro 🙂
  • I had 2 sessions with my iTalki tutor
  • I slacked off a little on my Mosalingua app flashcards, but I reviewed about 10 more words and phrases.  It’s becoming less helpful as I listen to the audio programs because there is less new vocabulary.
  • I stumbled through a few conversations in Brazil in a mix of English, Portuguese, and Spanish.  I was able to explain (very slowly in broken Portuguese) that I had been to another country before getting to Brazil.  This was a challenge because I only know a few words in the past tense.

  • I received compliments on my accent from several native speakers, which was encouraging despite my painfully slow speech.

Goals for March 2017

Spanish (for me)

Goal: Maintain my Spanish level through consistent exposure and use in daily life.


  • Write to-do lists and goals in Spanish
  • Listen to Cuban salsa songs (I decided that my next trip will definitely be to Cuba!)

Spanish (for the little person)

Goal: 30-minutes of daily exposure to Spanish


  • Listen to and repeat Spanish phrases for children .mp3s on the way to school in the mornings
  • Continue 5-minute sessions Latin American conversational Spanish track in the Mango Languages app (2- 3 times per week)
  • Schedule a Spanish play date
  • Continue reading children’s books in Spanish (I was able to find several books in Argentina that are perfect for his age and reading level!)


Goal: Learn to express myself in the past tense in Portuguese


  • Continue listening to the pronunciation series in the Tá Falado! podcast once a week
  • Review flashcards on Mosalingua app daily for 5 minutes
  • Learn the lyrics to one Samba song
  • Talk to an iTalki tutor at least once per week for 30-60 minutes

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About by Tamara Marie (Negringa)

¡Hola! My name is Tamara Marie. I'm a Certified Language Coach specializing in hacking the brain for ways to learn languages faster and better. I speak English (US native), Spanish (advanced), and Brazilian Portuguese (beginner). I am a traveler, Latin dance addict, and lifelong learner that loves helping people learn languages.

  • I’m starting to learn Brazilian Portuguese, do they speak fast in the Tá Falado podcast? Is it understandable by very beginners?

    Also, I know a few Spanish youtube channels if you want. I use them to have more exposure to the language and the culture.

    You really seem dedicated 😉 keep up the good work!

    • Tá Falado is useful if you speak Spanish, but can be a bit much for a complete beginner with no Spanish knowledge. I like the explanations they provide.

      • ok, yes I speak Spanish, I’ll give it a try then, thank you 🙂