Language Goals for February 2017

January Progress

Spanish (for me)

  • I’m almost finished watching the Celia Cruz series.  I thought it was 70 episodes but found out it’s actually 80 episodes long!  I’m on episode 73 so I’m confident I’ll finish watching it in February.
  • I took a trip to Miami at the end of January which meant I had plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish.  I chatted with my Uber driver on the way to the airport. He told me that I speak perfect Spanish (always nice to hear), and that his wife is a flight attendant that speaks 6 languages. #polyglotgoals
  • In January I was successful with writing my to-do lists and weekly planning in Spanish.
  • I didn’t host a Spanish meet-up in January, but I have one scheduled for the first week of February. I’ve just been chatting with my Spanish-speaking friends at socials.

Spanish (for the little person)

  • I have to admit I have slacked off with my son’s Spanish exposure.  We didn’t do many structured activities this month. He is doing really well in school with reading and writing in English, so I am happy with his language progress.


January Goal: Master basic phrases to be able to introduce myself to a new person in Portuguese ✓ Completed!


  • Completed all lessons for the Beginner Level 1A of Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese (15 lessons total).  I missed a few days when I got a nasty stomach bug, so I will start Beginner Level 1B in February.
  • Listened to 9 episodes of the Tá Falado! podcast on Portuguese pronunciation
  • I only listened to 4 episodes of the Portuguese Pod 101 Absolute Beginner Season 1.
  • I completed the first 5 lessons of of Rocket Languages Portuguese Module 1 (this wan’t in my original plan).  I am enjoying it because of the exposure to the Carioca accent from Rio de Janeiro.
  • I had 3 tutoring sessions with 3 iTalki tutors (30-60 mins each).
  • I read some of the introduction to the Dirty Portuguese book and reviewed a few phrases.  I also reviewed a few YouTube videos reviewing the Portuguese letter sounds and numbers.
  • I’ve reviewed 30 flashcards on the Mosalingua app.
  • I attended the World Languages Café for in-person conversational practice and had my first (rudimentary) Portuguese conversation!  I met native speakers from Brazil and Portugal.  Que legal!

Goals for February 2017

Spanish (for me)

Goal: Maintain my Spanish level through consistent exposure and use in daily life.


Spanish (for the little person)

Goal: 30-minutes of daily exposure to Spanish


  • Listen to and repeat Spanish phrases for children .mp3s on the way to school in the mornings
  • Continue 5-minute sessions Latin American conversational Spanish track in the Mango Languages app (2- 3 times per week)
  • Schedule a Spanish play date


Goal: Have a 10-minute conversation with a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil


  • Complete all Beginner Level 1B Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese lessons (target: 1-2 lessons per day)
  • Continue listening to the pronunciation series in the Tá Falado! podcast once a week
  • Finish listening to the Absolute Beginner Season 1 of Portuguese Pod 101
  • Finish reading the introduction to the Dirty Portuguese book and learn 5 new phrases
  • Review flashcards on Mosalingua app daily for 5 minutes
  • Take conversational Portuguese classes for one week
  • Learn how to talk about my family, profession, and hobbies
  • Talk to an iTalki tutor at least once per week for 30-60 minutes
  • Record a weekly update video for my Brazilian Portuguese Mission

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About by Tamara Marie (Negringa)

¡Hola! My name is Tamara Marie. I'm a Certified Language Coach specializing in hacking the brain for ways to learn languages faster and better. I speak English (US native), Spanish (advanced), and Brazilian Portuguese (beginner). I am a traveler, Latin dance addict, and lifelong learner that loves helping people learn languages.

  • I love how specific the tasks you set for yourself are! Best to you in accomplishing them this month.

  • A weekly video really does sound like a nice and fun way to keep oneself accountable! I wish I wasn’t so shy, I should give it a try myself.
    Good luck with your studies for this month!

  • Amazing how you don’t get confused learning Spanish and Portuguese at the same time! I’m also practicing Spanish this month. Good luck!