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negringaHola! My name is Tamara Marie.  I am a Certified Neurolanguage™ Coach trained to help you learn Spanish with effective methods based on how the brain learns best.

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You will also get valuable insight into Latino culture from my travels throughout Latin America (Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic).

I am a native English speaker from the United States, proud mom raising a bilingual child, and Latin music and dance addict (salsa y bachata).  I taught myself Spanish as an adult after being frustrated by my inability to speak Spanish after learning in an academic setting.

Several years and countless hours of trial and error later, I used every resource I could get my hands on, and tried almost every method for learning Spanish.  My goal is to help you learn Spanish fast and avoid the mistakes I made.

I’d love to help you finally master Spanish and speak it with confidence.

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So what’s a “Negringa” Anyway?

OK, you caught me.  I made up a word.

It’s a mash up “negro” and “gringa”, which according to http://dictionary.reference.com mean…

Ne·gro 1. a member of any of the dark-skinned indigenous peoples of Africa and their descendants elsewhere (No longer in technical use: Often Offensive). 2. black (Spanish, Portuguese)

grin·ga – a female foreigner, especially one of U.S. or British descent: used as a derogatory term in Latin America and Spain

So here is my working definition of “Negringa.”

Ne·grin·ga – A female of African descent that is a foreigner in Latin America, but loves Latino culture

I was initially offended when I was called a gringa on my first visit to Latin America, but I’ve learned to accept it.

The word “Negringa” encompasses my identity as an outsider that embraces Latino culture, Spanish language, and enjoys traveling throughout the beautiful Caribbean islands and countries of Latin America.





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  • aronf

    Good Blog, i would like to grown more the topic.

  • Christine Harris

    Wow, no sabe que tenia una blog. Esta es muy ayudala para mi dale mejor en espanol. This is very helpful. Thanks!

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  • Natalia Alekseyevna

    Hi I signed up for the 30 DAY Spanish challenge, the premium version. I never got anything son email and didn’t even k ow how or where I am supposed to start. It was supposed to start on the 1st and I have nothing. Please help.

    • You are on the list! Please check your junk mail/spam folder

      • Natalia Alekseyevna

        I just checked the spam and trash folders and I see nothing. Could you please send again? I am missing almost a week at this point. Thank you.